Friday, February 4, 2011

An old friend

I have been busy in my craft room but figured that I would like to take pictures in the morning when there is better light, so instead I will share an old friend.  This is Autumn is hangs out in my craft room, but before that she was Memory Lane's scrapbook bear.  She took trips with customers and they made scrapbook pages of the places she went.  She is a little bit of history and I was thrilled when I was able to get her from my former boss.  So now she spends her days in my craft room hanging out where ever and just enjoying life.   
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Peggy Beck said...

You have given me an idea for a bear I made Ginger. I never know where she belongs so now I will put her in my craft room too. Thanks for the inspiration. She is quite a character I can see from all her experiences.

Ginger said...

oh she is. She has quite little stash of clothes too. She gets to borrow all the stuff I got from build a bear to fit the cabbies and her outfit changes for the season. So this is her valentine's/think spring outfit.

Anonymous said...

Ginger i love her!!!
Look at those adorable shoes!!!!