Saturday, May 1, 2010

I hit the mother load lol

Today was a really fun day with my friends, we searched high and low for amazing deals on everything from fun stuff to play with to decoration for the home.  I don't have much space left in my room for stuff so I kept it to stuff to play with, so I ended up with a haul.  first is my new emphera including two scrap packets from artifacts, a german book, a year book from Mechanicville High School 1953, some trims (from the generous Peggy), some adorable baby paperdolls and what not.  Nexy was this beautiful necklace from Artifacts.  I was looking the different Eiffel Towers and I liked another one but I flipped this one and saw that it had a black cat on it and I thought to myself this is the one cause I will be able to wear Raven where ever I go.  
This is one of my favorite finds.  It was a little present for my dad when he was little he had a Zippy ape and he chewed the fingers off.  So when ever we got to antique fests or garage sales we have our eyes peeled for them and he is the first one I have seen other then my dad's orignal which is in the picture also in the photo.  

My biggest score of the day are for my collection.  I have a huge collection of cabbies and I haven't brought any new friends  into my collection for months but I found these guys for a price that made me very happy.  $25 for them all.  I had a ton of fun wandering with my friends and finding treasures.  
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Peggy Beck said...

Wow, you certainly did hit it.
I love all the things you found and loved sharing just a little piece of my find with you. Now you just have to find the time to play with them all!

Tabitha said...

fun day!