Sunday, February 21, 2010

Happy to report

That this little cutie has joined my little ferret family.  This past week has been tough on me and the babies.  I have been watching them very carefully trying to decide what to do.  I started looking at babies online I entertained the idea of bring in rescues again, but its so tough not know there past health history that I didn't want to go there again.  So I dragged my dad to a couple pet stores and ended up holding this little guy and falling in love.  He is 5 months old and God he's handsome.  And I'm using the word little loosely he is HUGE!! He is like I said 5 months old and double the size of his big brother JJ (who is full size).  I just love his size I know that's dorky but I'm not sure why I do.  I guess its because I know he is able to handle himself.  I have a house full of animals as many of you know and I sometimes worry about the bigger animals hurting my ferrets, so I feel like I don't have to worry so much about him.  If I remember correctly JJ was only 6 inches or so long when he came home.  He has already changed the mood in the cage/my room.  Stormy protected him from Penny (my 2 year old beagle) she bit Penny square on the forhead.  I haven't seen Stormy move like that ever (let alone use her teeth).  Bandit my oldest ferret doesn't seem care either way.  JJ on the other I was worried about I have never had two males at the same time. And JJ wasn't been very nice.  I haven't had extremely playful ferret before my girls are kind mellow and JJ just kinda follow suit, but the baby came in he has been biting him and pinning him and talking like you wouldn't believe.  I have never heard him go on like this before.  So at first I would grab by the scruff of his neck and let the baby get away.  I woke early this morning to him doing the same thing in the cage so I spilt the cage in two sections so that the baby could sleep.  Then today I went my room to check on them cause I have been letting them have the run of my room lately and I found JJ and the baby curled up together in the base of my curtain.  Too CUTE for words!! I don't think I have a thing to worry about.  A baby boy was just what we needed.  I did question it for a minute after I got home.  I thought it would make me feel better but after a little while I felt a little empty, but after a little cuddle time with the baby I felt a lot better.  We bonded.  I have a new cuddler.  The cuddler doesn't have a name yet.  I'm leaning toward Archer...Cooper...Xavier...or Xander.  I haven't decided yet and I want it be just the right name.
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