Wednesday, February 24, 2010

St Patty's day Twinces

Here are my St. Patty's Day Twincies I did for a Vintage Room Swap.  I wasn't sure I was going to get them done because I was feeling kinda blocked.  I was a little concerned because the images that I orignally printed were kinda being used by other ladies in the group, I ended up scrapping my orignal game plan and went a totally other way.  Of course aside from one.  I really think I like what I came up with.  This project was kind of a break for me to get my mind off things.  Sara's sister Stormy has taken a turn for the worse and most of my day was spend force feeding her a liquid diet.  It is not fun to force feed a ferret.  I have tried ensure and pedilyte softening her food, just water, chicken baby food she is not interested.  I have do to what I have to do to keep her comftable.  I have a bad feeling that with in the next couple days Stormy will pass too.  It makes me cry just thinking about it but there isn't much I can do.  I have give her and Sara a safe and happy home.  I'm not sure how their started but I do that the last part of their lives have been good! 
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Tabitha said...

aw, I'm sorry you have having to deal with another sick baby! On the bright side, your twinchies came out sweet and I love that you used the pop of orange in them.

Ginger said...

Well the Irish flag is green, white and orange. So I used the flag as color inspiration.