Thursday, September 24, 2015

Craft room update

 It's been years since I've done an updated craft room tour.  I think I have moved, painted and put down a new floor since the last one.  It's probably not
going to be the last time I will do any of those things.  So here you go.  At the moment I'm liking it.  I'm starting in my corner of the room this is behind where I sit.  I have my card stock paper rack which has been switched slowly over holding mostly close to my heart card stock.  I also have hung on the wall my dabber holder (from close to my heart). 
Next to the paper rack is two antique crates that I have stacked on top of one another.  On top I have my jewelry bag, smash book and my creative memory cutters.
The first crate has all my close to my heart cardstock scraps in my 12x12 close to my heart evelopes (I love these!).   I also store my 8 1/2x11 cardstock and patterned paper and my close to my heart paper packs. 
The bottom crate holds 3 photo boxes.
The top on holds my brads. 
The second holds my light box and embossing templates. 
The bottom box holds my melting pot and labeler. 
Directly behind me when I craft in antique radio cabinet.  I keep my brief case full of empherma and above that I recently added some new ribbon storage to what was already there.  I recently wrapped most of my ribbons on tongue depressors.  And put them into the metal and wood container that I decided to hang on the wall. I'm liking it so far.  Hopefully this will help me use it. 
Below is the existing ribbon storage.  You have probably seen this in the past.  It used to be a drawer in a cabinet my great grandfather made.  And he created it out of old WWII ammunition boxes.  I drilled some wholes in each side and ran dowels through to put spools of ribbon.  On top I store some misc items. 
Kinda above my paper rack is this cool storage piece I found at the Christmas tree shop.  It hold liquid glues, my hot glue gun, sprays, stains and my Julie nutting stamps. 
Hanging on tjthe side of my china hutch I have a closet hanger that hold more empherma.  
Old and new boxes hold all sorts of goodies for example this one holds my glossy paper for alcohol inks. 
Inside the radio cabinet is burlap canvases,m flower collection, my laminator, glitter glues and my cuttle bug and dies. 
Under the window on my side is my close to my heart boxes which hold my blocks, my pigment inks and my embellishments.  
Under the table on my side I have a cabinet that has 5 drawer.  These drawers have some things I feel I need to have close to hand.  The top drawer is my glues,foam dots, scissor sharpener.  
The second drawer has my heat gun, close to my heart punches and misc items. 
3rd drawer is my pinkypaislee supplies. 
The 4th drawer contains my project life cards and some scraps. 
The 5th drawer has all my 6x6 paper packs in it.  
I think this is going to be a be continued post.  Look for more tomorrow. 


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