Thursday, January 2, 2014

My busy December

JaDecember was a crazy last month of 2013, but it was crazy in a good way.  I had another successful semester of grad school.
I made a great gift for my bestie. I used a frame from Michael's, word collage and Cricut everyday cartridges, and paper from hobby lobby and glitter pape from ac Moore.  A little side note about glitter paper I used the close to my heart glitter paper first and I LOVED it but only had one sheet and made a mistake so I HAD to use glitter paper from AC Moore.  I hated it the glitter made a mess and was falling off. Close to my heart's there was no mess.
She loved it. 
I had an awesome Christmas I received 2 of the art class dolls (I wanted) and Elizabat from mom and dad.  Along with the other items in this picture.  I'm blessed.  I probably could have gotten nothing and would still be thrilled.  Just seeing my nephews and my family was enough.  
All my ghouls from November to December.  I am loving them all and tucked in the back I got miss webrella! Yes the doll I stood in line for an hour and didn't get at comic con.  She was a Christmas gift from my boyfriend.  I was truly surprised he's always picking on me for my doll collection.  Of course he knows he's not going to stop me.  Lol.
My Alex and ani collection has been expanded I got my aunt bracelet (from Jamison) my apple (from my brother, his wife and Landon) the motorcycle and a wind and fire daddy's little girl from mom and dad.
Jamison was awesome! He loved everything he got and was so animated!  He even loved the pants he got and Landon is such a cutie.  I love these boys so much being their aunt is by far one of my favorite titles in the world!
My little cousin got married, so we went to his wedding the day after Christmas.
I rang in the new year with my babies.
My amazing, goofy parents and family.
My bestie (who was just resting her eyes lol). 
 My boyfriend who was loving the attention from the girls.  I think Jamison was a little jealous.  I sure was they never climb all lover me like that.
Jamison and "yaya" had a little cuddle time.  Jamison wasn't feeling well.  He and Melissa did wake up in time for the ball drop.  On to a new year! I'm excited to see what it has in store!  I'm hoping some crafting outside of card club would be awesome.  I will be crafting Friday and Saturday this weekend to celebrate Melissa's birthday.  Sorry for picture overload but I haven't posted in forever, so I figured it was okay. I'm hoping to post more often but sometimes with school it's just not possible. 
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