Sunday, July 22, 2012

Paper doll mania

Well I have been looking at the Paper Doll Teen Scene cartridge since it came out and trying to justify the purchase.  I finally broke down and bought it that is four new Cartridges in the last month or so.  I never purchase cartridges on my own.  I normally ask for them as gift for various occasions. I'm not regretting of course I have been making paper dolls likes its my job haha. So Thursday I decided that my "nieces" would love to have their own set of paper dolls so I set to making them each one style of doll so they could share them.  I cut out 8 of the 10 hair styles and made them look a likes. Then I cut out 10 outfits from mostly matching papers.  I laminated them and put velcro dots on the outfits and the dolls so they would be easy for the girls to use.  I also decorated boxes that they could store their dolls in and there big enough that I can add to their collection.  With three girls and two boys and 10 hair styles for each and 20 outfits the possibilities are endless.  Especially when you start playing with hair color and skin color or colors of the outfits! And when they get a little older I'll have them come over and make their own!
Set 1 for N
Set 2 for S
The box after stamping 

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