Saturday, April 7, 2012

A little creating and some thinking

The last couple days have been really nice I spent yesterday afternoon thrift and craft shopping with my mom and did some craft shopping today too. Then we can home and crafted the rest of afternoon away. We ended up with the radio on and at one point mom needed to unplug it which made it lose the channel it was on. Mom scanned through the channels and ended up on one that eventually had Delilah. I personally never like her. I spent hour working at the scrapbook store listening to her voice and really didn't like her lol. But tonight that voice put me in a very nice calm place. It made me miss my home away from home. The wonderful ladies that I shared my time with there. The hours of stocking and reorganizing the shelves. The laughter and sometime tear that happened there. And all these thoughts brought on by one voice on the radio.
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