Sunday, May 29, 2011

Some Altered art

House Shaped ATC Swap

Owl Twinces

STU Alphabet Swap

Okay so I'm not done blogging today and no I didn't create all of these today.  I have been a bad blogger.  I have been very busy with work this past week (YIPPIEEE!!!) and creating and blogging for that fact were not as important, so I'm playing ketup so that my friends who read my blog can see the art that I have been creating when I can.  I labeled the pictures so you know the theme.  They were all lots of fun and I really like how they came out!  
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1 comment:

Peggy Beck said...

These are awesome. I have always loved your compositions anyways, but I miss doing these. Perhaps soon I'll get back. You are an inspiration Ginger.