Thursday, March 17, 2011

Sneak peek

In 2009 I did a project called the mystery project.  My Best friend Tabitha created it as a creative challenge to our art group The Vintage room. We were given a cigar box and 33 items that had to be included in altering the cigar box.  Well Tabitha was at it again.  She put together a series of items and one large item to alter.  You will have to wait and see when it is done.  At the moment I completed the 1 step to the project and now I have to write a piece to go with the project (I haven't sat down yet to do this).  Other then that I have been busy completing projects whether atcs, tags, or cards.  I've been so creative that I haven't had time to post.  So in the next couple days I'm hope to get caught up with you as to what I'm doing creatively.  I have to say things are starting to go my way.  I'm pretty excited by the things that are happening in my everyday life.  I'm nervous that creating will be push off to the side for awhile but that's not for a couple of months luckily.  I promise I will always make room for creating in some way.  Its just that I will not have AS much time as I used to. 
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Peggy Beck said...

I am looking forward to all that you have coming Ginger. I love your work and know it will be beautiful.