Monday, January 17, 2011

A little Scrapbooking this weekend and some tags done

Full 2 page speard

Close up of first page

Close up of second page

Close up of title

May Tags Complete aside from tassels 
Well this past Sunday I had the girls over to craft (my bestie included) and we had a very productive day.  I completed this two page layout that I love.  I got some of my childhood pictures back awhile ago and I pulled these out and said to myself that I would scrapbook them before most of the rest.  I love the fun free color and lighting in the photos.  And the pictures of me playing with the balloon are just amazing and then of course my favorite is my Grandma Edith eating the cotton candy.  I wish I remember what the reason for the day was or a little bit of how it felt to be running around but I left it simple with just the title "Fun".  All the embellishments and papers are Sassafrass lass, the cardstock is all bazzill.  

Then I got my tags done for my Twelve tags of the year swap.  These are for May...So I now have January, February, March and May done.  I have an idea for April and its started but I have finished yet.  I also help my Best Friend Tabitha with her 12 cards for a swap at her Stampin up Stamp Camp and then another 24 for the teacher at her school (that I was going to scrap lift today but couldn't find the awesome stamp she used.  I left Micheal's so very disappointed today, with just 2 12x12 cricut mats and a couple pack of felt embellishments.  I HATE that Micheal's doesn't allow you to use a coupon on the cricut mats and don't understand why they don't when AC Moore does.  I keep trying to remember to go to AC Moore to get mats but its out of my way.  Then to top it all off I had to go get someone to open the case to get me the mats out...are you kidding me really are they in such high demand (and being shop lifted) that we must put them behind glass and a lock.  I understand the cartridges but the mats.  I should have walked out but I needed the mats, so I bit my tongue.

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Peggy Beck said...

Love your layout Ginger and the happy pictures. Makes you want to join in the fun.

Your tags are delicious and are motivating me to go finish a couple myself. Thanks for such beautiful creations.