Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Fun with the Cricut

Well Today I had in my head I wanted to work on cutting a few things from my cricut (of course using my gyspy)  So I sat down and cut out some paper hearts to put in my craft room window for Valentine's Day and I made the 3-D Eiffel tower just because.  Yesterday I altered a few baby food jars for an up coming art gathering.  I just cut K&company paper into strips, cut a bunch of heart out using a sizzex die with my cuttle bug and embossed Happy Valentine's Day in black embossing power.  I think they are simple but very cute.
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Peggy Beck said...

I like the jars. and will bet to see them in person I hope. Also, the Eiffel Tower is awesome. At first I thought it was huge but then I realized it was on your desk and not a floor. Where will you use it Giner? Very nice.

Ginger said...

I'm not sure where I will end up putting the eiffel tower. I thought my bathroom because I'm going with a "Paris in spring" feel. It sounds good anyway, but I decided the colors are too harsh for the bathroom. I may end up making another one in grey to put in there. This one I think will stay in my craft room. It stands about 11.5 inches tall. I was thinking it would be awesome if I buy a 12x24 mat for the cricut and do it REALLY BIG!! I'm still debating cause I have no idea where I would put a 23.5 inch Eiffel Tower. It be awesome though.