Thursday, May 13, 2010

Buttons and Roses galore

Well I have been keeping busy with my craft show stuff in between life so here are the newest necklaces in COLOR.  Unfortunately these will be very limited because I'm having a hard time finding colored buttons.  I will be doing some antique store shopping and my mom gave me the idea of going to Salvation army to get them off shirts when I can't find them by the bag.  As for the rose pins there are 56 in total which you see above.  Then you might notice a poker chip that isn't a necklace that's because I made it into a pin!! I'm considering making a few of them for the show.  and last but not least are my rose bobby pins.  They look amazing in an undo.  I'm currently wearing a special one I made in my pony tail.
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Tabitha said...

very nice!!!

Marilyn Rock said...

Ginger! Beautiful button necklaces and your roses are gorgeous!