Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I took a moment out today for some photography and creating

So today I took a small moment out to take this adorable picture of my little Archer sleeping in the cage.  I love how lazy he is, typically I will put him in the cage and he just flops into a postion and that is how he sleeps.  He is such a goof and good natured boy.  He gave me my first kiss today.  I got a little kissy on the tip of my nose too sweet he is.  So anyway today was family friends birthday so I made this card and envie.  Not too bad for not having made a card in awhile.  I also finished up a LFB page for a Vintage Room Swap.  The theme was Story book and the only reason I did the swap was because I receive an awesome Alice in Wonderland stamp for my birthday.  It is funny how one minute I am not inspire by a theme and the next I'm rushing to get it done.  I guess its cause I'm a procrastinator.  lol  
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Tabitha said...

aw you card with you new stamps came out so sweet, and your LFB is cute too!

Peggy Beck said...

Your little Archer is so adorable and I love your LFB pages as well. I keep seeing everyone's beautiful work and am envious that you are so creative and busy with art and life. Great job Ginger.