Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Yippie I created some art

Well I said I was gonna get back to work in my art studio and I tried. I sat there for awhile the other day... and nothing I pulled stuff out and looked at mags for inspiration... nothing. so I did what I normally do when I'm not inspired I walked away and bummed around for a couple of days then created 80 invitations for a baby shower for a friend with my mom, said friend's sister and my bestie Tabitha. I'm proud of them but I really wanted to do something in the altered art relem of things. Well today I decided was the day. I took apart my vaccum and cleaned, vaccumed my rugs, did some dishes, played with the dog, cut the cats nails, uploaded pictures to facebook and then I finally made myself go in to my art room and start working. I picked out the images, stamps and anything valentine's day-ish and started to play. I have only done inches once before at christmas time and Tabitha told me the rule of thumb was an image, a word, and a little do-dad (aka gem, etc) to me this concept is too simple. I of course had a hard time going from a 12x12 page to an 8x8 page, then 8x8 to 6x6 as a scrapbooker then Tabitha pushed me to play with 2 1/2x 3 ATC then of course LFB which are 4x4 and now 1x1. So after making my first one for this swap I thought that was too simple so I gave myself I little challenge. The six inches I needed to make needed to be contected some how so I came up with "Love is..." each inchies includes a word that completes that sentance. And yes those words are no completely true in the real world cause nothing is perfect. lol, but it work with my concept. Enjoy my "Love is..." inchies and hopeful I will be posting more art this evening and then again maybe not. TTYL Pin It Now!

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Tabitha said...

oooh I LOVE them. hehe. I love your theme/concept and I love how they came out and I love how you went from 12 x 12 to 1 x 1 and accepted the challenge of tiny art! You Rock!!! :o)