Saturday, September 12, 2009

It was time to organize

Well My mom went into our shared scrapbook room, which for the past couple months she hasn't stepped into and stated she had no idea where anything was. Well the last time I organized I kinda hide most of her stuff because frankly she is a messy person she leaves things out and then when she does look for something she doesn't take the two seconds of time to put whatever she pulled out back where it belongs. Don't get me wrong I'm not a neat crafter. When I'm working on a project I have stuff everywhere, but I only let a day go by before putting all the supplies away. Anyway due to her comment I went it there this morning because I didn't really have anything to do

and started the process. I moved things around so they made more sense. Figured out what I wanted to help the space some more went shopping for curtains (I found nothing I liked), a shelf and a cork board and a lamp for my bed room. I went to micheal's and did something amazing I walked by the scrapbook section and went to the wood aisle and found three shelves for $15 and had a 50% coupon so I got them for $8.

Went to target got my cork board and lamp and something for dinner and came home to start back in my scrapbook room. I only painted one of the shelves because I want to use crackle paint and don't have enough for the other two. So I painted a shelf, put a button boarder on my chalkboard, make my own pretty tacs using K&Company brads and organized most of the room. I'm pretty proud of myself. Pin It Now!


Etha said...

love your craft room :) I had to laugh about you and your mom sharing one room, how wonderful! But if I imagine two of me (ahm, being "creative")as one mess hits the next, whoah LOL...

Kerri Jean said...

Love the heart art - especially the chalk board. All things heart shaped are a fave of mine.