Friday, August 7, 2009

What did my summer Consist of??

Well it was a busy summer and sadly it seems to be almost over. Today was my final day of work. A sad day but at the same time a happy one. I will miss the kids most of which made my day. So today I took some pictures. So the question is what did my summer consist of? It consisted of any where from 60 to 80 4th graders, 11 counselors, a ton of art projects, a large amount of accident reports, Kickball games, baseball games, capture the flag, knock out, drama, fighting boys, Pokemon toys, saying "go sit down" way too many times, counting heads, lunch count, buses to and from trips, kids jumping from seat to seat and exhaustion to the point of passing out at night. Every second was worth it I enjoyed 90% of the time. I already miss my munchkins. Pin It Now!

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