Thursday, July 30, 2009

Busy Working on a Mystery Project

Well my current project is a super secret project. I can't post pictures yet I may so some sneak peeks, but the project as a whole can't not be shown till September because I don't want to stiffle the people who are involved in the project. I want them to work on the project with out distraction. If that make sense, but it is a fun project and I almost have it done over a month early I'm really proud of some of the stuff I have done with it. I think you will enjoy it too. My bestie and crafty partner in crime Tabitha and Lori took an idea from Craft, Paper, scissors to create this amazing project. They both drove me nuts at our LFB meeting this month because I hate surprises lol, but I recieved my supplies at Lori's house on Saturday and I worked very hard over the weekend to create. So until next time. Have a very crafty day. Pin It Now!

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