Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Not an Art Entry Just a Life Entry

As some of my close friends know I'm a Ferret Momma and very proud of it. It all start when I was a kid and my Dad's ferret came to live with us. The story is that before my dad and mom were together my dad had two ferrets Harley and Davidson. Well Davidson passed away and Dad moved some where he couldn't have Harley so she went to live with a friend. That friend at one point had to move to a place he couldn't have Harley so she came to live with us. She was my first Ferret experience I had never seen a ferret and didn't even know you could have such a cool pet (at the time you were supposed to have a license for them). Well Harley passed away after a while and we moved from place to place and I kind forgot about ferrets with having a dog then two dogs then a bird and some fish. Well in my senior year in high school I won $100 for a poem I wrote and I decided with my winnings I would buy this really cool cocktail at the local pet store. It was albino and my cocktail was lonely since the passing of her partner. Well the store wouldn't sell it to me cause it was ill and they wanted to make sure it was healthy before selling it. So I start wandering through the pet store and came to the glass encloser that they kept the ferrets in. And the enjoyment that I had with Harley came back when I saw them. One male jumped up at the window and it was love at first site. We bought Spunky and all the supplies and he came home with us. Well that same year I was bugging my parents about getting another one and close to Christmas they surprised me with Bandit a small but feisty female and the two became best buds. Well about 6 years later Spunky had a cut that just wouldn't go away he kept bugging it and starching at it and finally I decided to bring him to the vet. The vet said he had a tumor and that I could do A or B. Put him through treatment or put him down. Treatment was extremely expensive and painful for him and there was no guarantee. Well after seeing the vet I decided to get a second opinion I made an appointment for the next day. In the time between the two appointments Spunky took a huge turn for the worse. He couldn't eat, drink or got the bathroom. He just laid there and did nothing. Well we went the next appointment and the Doctor told us the tumor was the least of our worries. He now had a kidney stone blocking his urethra. She had never done the surgery on a ferret before, but was willing to try. Try... I knew what I was going to do, because the last thing I wanted was for him to go through some painful surgery with some lady that had no idea what she was doing. I made the choice to put him to sleep. I couldn't bare putting through all that pain for my benefit. I was crying so hard and had my parent who really don't like my ferrets crying too. I will never forget that day it was the week of my birthday. Anyway I had promised Bandit her brother would come home. In a sense I broke that promise. I didn't want to replace Spunky the idea came from my parents. They told me I had to bring someone home for Bandit or she would miss Spunky and go into depression and I might lose her too. So I went to the pet store and picked out another male I named Him JR or Spunky Jr to honor Spunky. And I think he has done a wonderful job taking care of Bandit. Well since then I have added to rescue ferret sister to the mix Sara and Stormy and I have quite the ferret family. Now I have been really debating because Bandit is sick she has a tumor that just effects her back legs and she lost all her hair. Its normal with ferrets and there is a surgery to correct it but it is not suggested for ferrets her age, so my only option is putting her to sleep which is very difficult its like losing her brother all over again and she lives a pretty normal life she sleeps, eats, plays like normal just has trouble getting around so for the moment I'm being selfish and keeping her alive, but as soon as she seems like she is suffering I will do what's right and put her to sleep. I gave her a bath today and did her nails as well as her brother and sisters. It just makes me question if I'm doing what is right for her or not. I hope I'm being a good mom. Sorry for this long winded post I just needed to vent. Pin It Now!


Peggy said...

Ginger, you can only do your best and your heart will tell you what is the right thing to do. Follow your heart.

My daughter-in-law had two ferrets. They named them Frank & Stein. They were very cute but they bit. A little nasty that way.

Loved the names of Harley & Davidson.

Can't put a price on love. Do what you can and don't worry about what anyone else says.

Tabitha said...

I love the new look of your blog. I think your entry tells a neat story of your finding your ferret love. I agree with are the best judget of how Bandit's doing and just have to do what you think it right.