Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Little moments

As some of you know I am a ferret Mama. I have four beautiful ferrets that I love with all my heart and the other day I snapped this picture of my two newest ferrets Sara and Stormy cuddling. Sara and Stormy are sisters we rescued them from a rescue group who didn't know too much about them and were trying to feed them Lettace. Ferrets don't eat lettace. They eat hard food you can find in any pet store. It was a battle but they came home with my parents and have become a very important part of my ferret family. Ferrets can be messy and time consuming pets. They get into everything, they need baths about every week (they smell) but moments like this remind me why I love them so much and of course play time is soooo fun. Watching them hop along the floor and try to get me on the bed, so much fun.

Then today the reason for this post. I went to start cleaning and I turned the corner to see this. Buster my oldest beagel sleeping in the cage. The story is that when Buster was a puppy he was a nightmare, he chewed everything (video games, the computer mouse x4, phone books), so we had to crate train him. He came to love his cage and honestly no longer needed it, so we took it down. Well we got a new puppy about a year ago and she has been a handful. We tried the cage at first but it was more of a mess then it was worth, so I gave up on it for awhile. Well we have since moved and I decided that we need to try it again, so I set it up and it seems to be working, but now every once and awhile I find Buster cuddled up in it reliving his puppy days. He has come full circle when you think about it. Its hard to believe he is 13 or 14 years old. As he gets older things are becoming harder for him to do. He can't jump on the couch anymore and climbing stairs is near impossible. It makes me sad to think such a great family member is probably near the end of his life. I can't imagine life without him. Using him as a pillow on the couch, scratching his back, being mad that he wont ask me to go out (I'm the only one who puts him out and yet he'll ask my mom, dad, basically anyone but me). Part of me hopes that he will fall asleep and not wake up because I find putting a pet to sleep to be the hardest choice in the world. I was a bulbering idiot for when I had to put my oldest ferret done (RIP Spunky SR). Okay enough with my crying about Buster butt. I have to clean. Have a great day all. Pin It Now!

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Peggy said...

Ginger, I find this story very warm and wonderful. I think the cage should be his for the rest of his life.
Great photo. One you will cherish forever.