Friday, August 23, 2013

Trying something new

So I started collecting monster high dolls a few months back. I used to collect cabbage patch but frankly they became pretty boring. I like monster high because they are smaller and their not Barbie (I love Barbie but if you have seen one you've seen them all.  In my collecting i have come across some defective dolls and for the most part Mattel has been awesome about replacing them. The neat thing is that some of them they haven't wanted back. Which works out nicely for my nieces and nephew.  Well the last defective doll I got had a "lazy" eye.  The placement was all off and I couldn't just dump it in the kids toy basket so I started looking up how to customize her. I wipe off her make up and went to town.  I started over about 5 times. Certain things just weren't coming along the way I wanted, so I started over. Well today I finally finished her.  I am super critical but I realized that she is my first and she's not too bad. So here she is before: 

Her eyes are a bit intense.  I wish I got them to be a little softer.  Maybe the next one will be a little better but it's all a learning experience and takes time and patience. I got her a new outfit. I was on the fence if I will try again but I might... We will see. 

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