Thursday, September 13, 2012

A trip to target

Well I went to target to purchase binders for my classes to get myself organized. I tried one of those portfolio folder things and Found out it didn't work for me. So back to binders I go. Of course I figured I would check the back to school clearance for the binders cause why pay full price. Of course that didn't quite work out cause there was no nice or cute binders left so I sadly paid full price but they are such pretty colors (pink and turquoise). But while searching the clearance section I found pentel arts color pens for $10.48 they were $14.99 so not huge saving but I needed markers for my crafting stuff anyway. I would like to purchase all of the close to my heart markers but it will take me awhile to purchase them all, so these will work in the mean time. Of course having them in my hand made me want to color. I know I have a fairy coloring book somewhere so I searched for it last night but no luck instead I found one of my old sketch books so I settled for doodling. So the other photos are the result of my doodling.
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