Monday, July 30, 2012

My first shutter card

I decided to play again today. I did my mommy duty and gave penny a bath and I do still need to brush her out and clean her ears before her vet appointment tomorrow, but you know what they say about all work and no play! So I looked around for different card folds because I have never ventured out and tried too much as far as folds go. So I found directions for a shutter fold card and it was super easy and fun to decorate. I might be on my list for the card club to do of course I would cut and fold it for them as they have decided to call themselves "special". Only cause they don't always listen or follow my directions. Nothing different compared to an everyday teacher lol. So I hope you enjoy it. Im still playing with my Dotty for you paper from months back but the stamps and diecuts are from the new artiste cricut cartridge set. I used the birthday celebration stamp set that came with it. I didn't love the stamps that came with art philosophy as much as I love the ones that came with artiste!
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1 comment:

Michele said...

This is a fantastic card, love it!

Michele (dancingarden on the circle MB)