Thursday, June 7, 2012

Busy, busy, busy

Well I did get to create a little this week, but I'll wait till I finish the second half of the project to share on here. I have been extremely busy the last couple weeks. Happily I have been subbing a lot at the school thanks to end of the year meetings and testing. I LOVE being in the classroom with the kids and in a lot of cases going back and getting to see them again! I finally feel like I'm getting to know the staff at a few schools and I love it when then remember me! It makes me feel excepted! Other then working I have been riding, getting ready for motorcycle events and getting ready for my brother's wedding this weekend. I am getting excited to get dressed up in my pretty new dress and shoes and have my hair and makeup done. I never get gussied up let alone wear a dress! I'll share pictures when I can. I helped with some little details of the wedding which was just enough. I'll share that later too. I want to take pictures of the final product.

Today is my chapter of the red knights annual dinner at americade! I love seeing some familiar faces from convention and spending time with my amazing family. I'm sure I'll have pictures of that to share too. I guess I'm either excited or just used to getting up at 6 am (seeing that I'm writing at 6am). I hope that this finds you well! I promise pictures to come! Enjoy your day!
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fran p. said...

Sounds like you have much going on! Have fun Ginger and be safe.....