Monday, February 13, 2012

Room makeover

I wish I had before be honest I might I have to look around for them. I do have a before on my wall former wallpaper. Blah!! I went paint shopping with my mom and had not a clue what I was looking for. I ended up settling on a beautiful color called fleeting fawn. It's an orange peach color. The thing that sparked this new paint color is I decide I hated hated hated my rug. It was trashed to the extreme it was about 15-20 year old. So it was time to go. I decided to put in a laminate wood floor. Frankly I went with the cheapest one we found because that was my budget cheap and after spending $50 on paint. The cheaper the better. So in the matter of 3 days I had a new wall color and new floor. I love it!! I have spent the last couple days enjoying my new craft room! Things are always changing in my craft room. I have plans on some new storage in the near future new stamp bins maybe, but I must get a new home for Archer my ferret first!
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