Sunday, May 8, 2011

Special Order Apron

I came up with this idea for my bestie and I to make customize t shirts at first.  Then I thought to myself I have a million t shirts I don't need another one, so I found these aprons.  I cut the crowns out on the cricut altered them a little bit (they had a weird thing on the top that I didn't love so I cut it off).  I was going to cut the letters out of the same fabric and just iron them on but long story short that didn't happen and I end up using fabric paint.  Then I decided they were still a little blah so I added some vintage buttons from my stash and then dyed some white seam binding pink.  I then pleated it along the pocket that was a little bit of a chore, but well worth it.  We wore them yesterday for our National scrapbooking day crop.  People seemed like them a lot.  In the long run they were well worth what I went through to create them and I offered to make customized ones for the girls at the Vintage Room.  A couple members wear aprons at our gatherings and they are great because they protect your clothes from your mess project.    And frankly I think they are a lot of fun!!
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