Monday, October 11, 2010

Crafting has been happening

I can't really share what I've been working on just yet I'm doing a few little things nothing major, so far nothing I can share, but I do have few websites/artists I would love to share with you today.  I love to click on all the blogs in my side bar and sometimes that leads me to other blogs and artists and website that I drool over.  Today I feel like sharing with you some jewelry makers that I wish I could own a piece of their jewelry.  First is Lisa Leonard she makes these beautiful simple silver necklaces that you can customize they are soooo awesome!  Then looking through her blog I found another amazingly talented artist Allora Handmade.  I would die for one of her necklaces!! I think you should go check out there stuff maybe support the artist (if I had some money I would).
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