Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A fabulous Bag

So I received a Donna Downey canvas messenger bag as a gift about a week ago and I was pretty excited to start it.  I just took my time thinking about it cause I didn't want to ruin it.  It didn't take too long cause I started adding beautiful green paints with a foam brush and used a spray bottle to cause the paint to move around the lid.  The purple is tattered angel glimmer mist that it added in a similar way as the paint I sprayed it heavily, added water and used a foam brush to move it around the bag.  After throwing the bag in the dryer cause I am impatient I added the bling flourishes and the big purple flower.  The bag came with the word dream which was also canvas but it was white with yellow polka dots.  It didn't really go with the bag.  Yellow matched but I didn't like how stark it looked on the bag so I sprayed the letters the same color as the bag. After it dried I attached with glue and sewed the letters on.  Once I was done with the front I thought how cool would it look with buttons covering the sides.  So I began sewing and after about two days of sewing buttons on the bag is finished.  I figured the buttons would protect the sides of the bag if I decided to use it.  If I need to set it on the floor or anything the sides should not get dirty.  I think it might need a little more but for the most part I believe it done. 
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Tabitha said...

This is awesome! No wonder the button part took so long...there are dozens on there!!! great job!

Peggy Beck said...

After seeingi you at LFB I had to check out your bag and you were right it is Fabulous. It must have been a chore sewing on all those buttons. Great bag Ginger!

Cathy said...

Ginger, nice work - those are some beautiful pieces. Also, sorry to be leaving this here but when I try to respond to the email you sent re the Currier and Ives dishes it keeps bouncing back undelivered. I am willing to break up the pieces and sell them separately. Let me know if you are still interested.