Thursday, June 4, 2009

I've been a little too busy to create

I hate when life gets like this. Busy busy busy. So today I'm working in my scrapbook room in a different way. I stripped it, so nothing is on the floor and now I'm cleaning the carpet. Sadly having a younger dog in the house and a older dog who was formerly abused. We still have accidents in the house and my scrapbook room has been the target of said accidents, so I borrowed a steam cleaner from my boyfriend and that is my focus for the day. Cleaning the scrapbook room rug. I can't wait to go in there without stepping in a puddle. Oh I also bought a baby gate so no more unattended dogs allowed in there. Only my cats it gives them a place to hangout without the threat of attack of Penny (our 1 year old beagel puppy). They enjoy sleeping in the window or in the middle of my creative mess on the table. Anyway time to get back to it. Enjoy a creative day for me cause I can't. Oh well. Pin It Now!

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