Monday, June 11, 2007

Getting Organized

Scrapbooking is a lot of fun, but sometimes I find organizing myself is more fun. Almost a challenge. So I have been trying some new things to get organized somethings work and other just don't. For awhile when I was limited to bags I was using fishing tackle containers to organize ribbion, foam letters, little do-das, but I find now that I have a scrapbook room one I never use the stuff, two they are annoying to store, and three they just don't work. So I have been playing around with some new ideas. I found mason jars in many sizes around my house (not even being used) so I washed them out (just in case) and now they hold wood and foam letters and buttons. I tried putting American craft little ribbon spools and it didn't work, so my ribbon is now contained in two ways my American Craft spools are in a vase (cause I have like four of them that I got flowers in and don't want to throw away) and in little plastic containers I got from work just before it closed. They were really cheap 20 for $1 so I got about $3 worth. I found that clear works good for me. I'm more likely to look in something when I can see in without opening. So my scrapbook room is has made some progress. I'm still working out a few things I would really like my Dad to build my mom and I a nicer shelf for our albums because they should be stored the way we store them. But with lack of room or a better storage solution at this point we have no choice. Some other things that I have done that I love include storing my foam stamps in penical cases I labeled each with what is in it (this idea was I believe from two peas), I store my cats eyes in one of those tackle things I metioned before, my wood stamps are stored in these neat boxes I found on sale after xmas they latch together so I can't ruin my stamps by putting too many on top of one another, what else OHH yeah my favorite new thing is my huge bullentin board. I organized all my chipboard letters in ziplock bags so that I can see them. I also have my heidi swap flowers up there and my acrylic stamps and any embellishment that I kept forgetting I had. Pictures are posted below of all my stuff!! almost all... I didn't post my paper racks yet. Pin It Now!

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Lara said...

Love organizing my stash! Your jars are great! I only have ribbon and flowers in jars, but I like what you've done a lot.